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KARA is an exhibition at the Minimal Museum for a Japanese minimalist designer, Kenya Hara.
First, according to the design style of Kenya Hara, I design the logo of the Minimal Museum and the logo of the exhibition. Then I choose the thin line as the basic design element, black and white color as the primary color palette, designed the details inside the museum and the exhibition, and the outdoor posters and billboards.
I think a catalog is necessary for an exhibition and can better represent my idea, so I designed a catalog for this exhibition. Kenya Hara has published a number of books, mostly based on black and white, with full-color pictures to create a minimalist style. So, for the better present his design style,  I use a similar design style in this book. One of his books, the Design design, uses a craft that pushes out the words on white paper without ink on it to reflect his design philosophy—white and emptiness. So, similarly, I use acrylic as the material for the front and back covers and etching the logo and tagline on them to highlight the style. The whole book is divided into three parts, his biography and achievements, his design philosophy, and the introduction of exhibits in the exhibition.
The website is made with Wordpress and is a simple and easy-to-understand introduction page with all the important information. The App contains a basic introduction and a function that can create an empty space for any item in the venue. This feature can be used as a visit.


Dermot Mac Cormack, Scott Laserow


Austen Hart


LOGO for Minimum Museum

minimal logo_2

Environmental Graphic

interior design_0000s_0003_mockup1
interior design_0000s_0004_mockup5
interior design_0000s_0002_Sign_Mockup
interior design_0000s_0001_mockup4



Promotional Video

Website and App

Screenshot of the app

Xinyue Qian