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Baoooo is a food truck brand design. This project includes logo design, mobile app design, and animation design. Baoooo is a food truck that offers Chinese buns. In the design process, I chose a more modern style than the traditional style often used in Chinese restaurants, in order to be more suitable for local style. Because the Chinese buns are round and the circle is a very geometric and modern shape, I chose the circle as my basic design element. I have drawn 7 small illustrations as the logo of the taste of the Chinese buns, not only visually express those flavors more intuitively, but also further improve the brand identity.


Jen Denis, Scott Laserow

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Ceacle Mockup
Ceacle Mockup
Ceacle Mockup
Ceacle Mockup
lots of busniess card_perspective
lots of busniess card

Xinyue Qian